Monday, September 29, 2014

Chia Seed Pudding

You may have heard about the health benefits of Chia Seeds: high in fiber and protein, a good source of Omega-3 and other antioxidants that can also work as an appetite suppressant.  I heard of the benefits myself and bought a bag of them from Trader Joe's.  They remained in my pantry for awhile, forgotten and abandoned until I started trying more Paleo recipes.  I rediscovered my chia seeds and found a can of coconut milk and the rest is chia history.  This is a paleo friendly recipe that is incredibly versatile and can work as a breakfast or dessert.  The texture is a bit like tapioca and tastes sweet.   You can add any fresh or dried fruit you like and whatever nuts you have on hand.  It does work best if the chia seeds soak for at least 8 hours so they fully expand. A little planning is needed to make this but the prep work is so easy it is basically effortless. 

Here is what you need:

1 Can of Light Coconut Milk  (Full Fat for extra creamy and thick pudding)
1/4 cup of Chia Seeds
1-2 tbsp of honey
2 tsp of vanilla extract
1/8 tsp of cinnamon (optional)

Optional Toppings:
Fresh Fruit
Dried Fruit
Dark Chocolate pieces

What you will do:
Mix all ingredients together in a mason jar or Tupperware.  Store in refrigerator for at least 8 hours or overnight to let the chia seeds fully expand.  If you remember, give it another mix around a couple hours in.  When ready to eat, add your desired toppings and enjoy.
2-3 Servings

First add all of your ingredients to a mixing vessel of your choice and whisk it well.  Got to get that honey distributed evenly!

Next, you cover this and let it set up in the refrigerator for at least 8 hours.  The chia seeds will expand and have a much softer texture than when you first add them to the coconut milk.  This makes them easier to digest and the expanded seeds will fill your tummy and keep you full for quite a bit, which is why I love to eat this for breakfast.
When you are ready to eat, get your toppings ready and serve it up!

So healthy, so yummy and so easy.  This all makes me so happy.  Please enjoy and let me know what toppings you used!