Monday, September 29, 2014

Roasted Parmesan Green Beans

Growing up, the green bean was a dinner staple for our family.  Even as a kid, I always enjoyed them for their slightly sweet taste and crisp texture.  As an adult, I appreciate the high levels of vitamins C and K and beta-carotene.  I have prepared green beans many ways, but my absolute favorite is to take fresh Haricots Verts and roast them.  Haricots Verts are French green beans that are more slender in appearance and tender in texture than the American variety.  If you do not have Haricots Verts, you can definitely use the American variety and this recipe will be just as tasty.  My roasted Parmesan green beans are deliciously crispy and a little salty which makes them a fantastic substitute for french fries or a beautiful side dish for any dinner that is incredibly easy to prepare.

Here is what you need:

1 lb of fresh green beans (French or American style)
2 tbsp of Parmesan Cheese
1 1/2 tbsp of Olive Oil
1/2 tsp of kosher salt
1 tsp of Pepper
1/2 tsp of garlic powder
Cooking Spray to coat the baking sheet

You will roast the green beans at 425 degrees for 20 minutes, flipping them over after 10 minutes.  4-6 Servings 

First you will mix all of the ingredients together in a big bowl, making sure each bean is coated with all the good stuff.

Next, you spread your green beans out over a baking sheet that is lined with foil and sprayed with cooking spray.

Flip them around halfway.
Getting crispy and delicious.

Remove from oven and serve.

So easy, delicious and gorgeous.  Perfect to serve to guests as a side dish but can also be a super quick light dinner for one or two people.  My husband and I love to have this and a bottle of wine for a kid free supper sometimes!  Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!