Saturday, May 23, 2015

Top 5 Side-Dishes for Your Memorial Day Barbeque

The most important thing about this American holiday is to give thanks and remember all of those who have served or are currently serving our country.  I am grateful every single day for my rights as an American citizen.  I also want to thank the families of those who are serving our country.  They sacrifice so much and deserve the praise and recognition too.  While I will be enjoying this wonderful three day weekend with family and friends, I will also be observing the reason why we are able to do this and that is because of the men and women who have given up their lives for my family's freedom.  No thank you could ever be enough, but I thank each and everyone who has served our country.  With that said, the second most important thing about this holiday is it the official kick off to summer and that usually means barbeques and cook-outs galore.  If you are lucky enough to attend or host a party, here are my top ideas for side-dishes that go amazingly well with burgers, ribs, hotdogs are chicken.  Happy Memorial Day!!!

1.  Grilled Romaine Salad

This is by far one of my favorite salads of all time and it is so easy and affordable to prepare.  This would make the perfect side-dish to any grilled meat and you could throw it on the grill right with whatever else you are cooking.  A perfect choice for any low-carbers or anyone watching their caloric intake.  Get the recipe here! 

Oh man, these are good.  The sweet and spicy pepper, the creamy cheese and the crispy, salty prosciutto create the perfect trifecta of deliciousness.  And they can go right on the grill too.  My only tip is to make more of these than you think you will need.  They go extremely fast!  Get the recipe here! 

This flavor packed pasta salad is the perfect addition to any potluck or barbeque.  There is just enough of the couscous to give it a hearty bite but is packed with enough vegetables to keep it healthy and light.  I make this all time and am always asked for the recipe.  Get it here!

4.  Black Bean and Corn Salad (or Salsa or Side-Dish)

This is such a beautiful and vibrant salad that can be eaten as is or with as a dip with chips.  It is super easy to prepare and goes great with hamburgers or barbeque chicken.  It would make a fantastic addition to your Memorial Day gathering.  Get the recipe here!

5.  Strawberry and Arugula Salad with Goat Cheese and Candied Pecans

This is one of my oldest and most loved salad recipes.  The combination of the sweet strawberry, peppery arugula, tangy goat cheese and crunchy pecans make the perfect bite.  This pairs fantastically well with steak or burgers and is so simple to make.  It makes for a great healthy side-dish for any event.  Get the recipe here!

I sure hope you have a lovely weekend with your family and friends.  Let me know what side-dish you make and enjoy yourself!  Happy Memorial Day!