The Cook Like It's Easy Story

Hi, my name is Shannon and I am a mom of 2 gorgeous girls and married to a fantastic man. I stay at home with my kids and try my best to live a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying the wonderful spoils of delicious food and the oh so necessary beverage that is wine. I am obsessed with barre fitness and my favorite thing to do is entertain family and friends. I started cooking at a young age, but it did not become a passion of mine until about 10 years ago. At that point, I had a very stressful job and found that cooking and creating recipes for my then boyfriend (now husband) was an outlet for that stress and anxiety. Cooking became a full fledged hobby and passion of mine. Now, my life and stress are much different (toddlers, preschoolers, ect.) but my passion for cooking and eating has only gotten stronger. My focus has shifted to maintaining a mostly healthy lifestyle using the low-carb, sometimes paleo methodology. My husband and I had some "baby weight" to lose so I started removing carbs and a lot of dairy from our diets. I challenged myself to still make my food delicious so my whole family would still eat it. The result has been many recipes that are easy, healthy and yummy. My husband has lost 45 pounds and I have lost the 15 pounds that would not budge after the 2 babies. Like most people, we are a busy family, but my love of homemade meals and feeding my friends and family has led me to create this blog. Each recipe has been made many times and I use all the short cuts I can to make them fast and easy, while still impressive and healthy. Please enjoy the recipes and feedback, suggestions and requests are always welcome and appreciated! Here's to Easy Cooking!

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