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I have some exciting news...I am now a Rodan + Fields Independent Skincare Consultant!  What is that, you ask?  Well, the doctors who created the world renowned acne treatment Proactiv, have now branched out into the anti-aging world, and have opened up their business model up to people like you and me.  It is honestly something I never thought I would be interested in doing myself, but once I tried the products, I was seriously hooked.  My skin looked noticeably smoother and firmer right away.  I thought if I was noticing such a difference, my friends and family would kill me if I didn't share the wealth.  So I signed up and have been doing it successfully for almost two months.  I have very happy clients and am already building a team of wonderful consultants.  It has been a lot of fun and I am excited to share it with you.  I wanted to wait to introduce my readers until I made sure that this was the real deal, and it is!

 My little helpers!

Obviously as a busy mom of two with a blog and a freelance writing career, I do not have a ton of time to start another job.  On the flip side, being a stay at home and a blogger don't pay very well and having another potential income stream was very exciting to me.  We live in beautiful San Diego, which is not cheap and had some bad luck in real estate.  We bought a townhouse at the beach in 2007, and exactly one year later, the real estate market tanked.  Fast forward five years, we outgrew our townhome but the value of it did not grow with us.  We ended up short-selling and moving to a home we currently rent.  We are happy and blessed, but saving money is not a reality for us, so the idea of ever having a down payment for a house was very far-fetched.  Enter, Rodan + Fields!  And I can honestly say, that after just two months in the business, our dream of buying a home might actually become a reality in a few years.  Some of my friends who have been doing this job for less than two years have already received their free Lexus!  And the whole not having the time thing is not the case,  My whole business is ran from my phone and done on my own time.  I pretty much wash my face and tell people about it.  It's awesome.
Rodan + Fields is a skincare line that was originally sold in high-end department stores and was the number one selling line in Nordstrom.  Back in 2008 when the economy took a header (see above) the doctors who created the line did some market research and found that people were buying it because their friends were recommending it.  So they pulled it out of the stores and went the direct sales route.  People thought they were crazy, but they created a billion dollar company with Proactiv by selling it on infomercials, so clearly they knew what they were doing.  And the proof is in the pudding: in 2008 their sales were 3 million dollars a year, in 2014 their sales were 330 million.  Now we are the fourth largest skincare line behind Clinique, Lancome and Estee Lauder.

There are four regimens to combat the different kinds of skin issues everyone has; sensitive skin, adult acne and redness, sun-damage and brown spots and of course, anti-aging and wrinkle fighting.  There are incredible tools such as an at home micro-dermabrasionan and the face-needling roller.  Every product comes with a 60 day, empty bottle money back guarantee, which is truly a testament to how amazing the products and company is.  Oh, and the return rate is still less than 1%.
I would love to help anyone who has skincare needs, we can do an over the phone consultation that takes just minutes.  And if anyone is interested in learning more about the business side of things, let me know!  The 60 day money back guarantee goes for anyone who signs up as a consultant too.

For a totally private and super quick skin consultation, go to The Solution Tool and you can have your personal skin care prescription emailed right to you.

Check out the goods here:Rodan + Fields Product Guide
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Some before and after pics:

 1.  Soothe (sensitivity, redness, allergies, eczema)

2. Unblemish (adult acne, redness from scars)

3.  Reverse (sun-damage, dullness, dark spots)

4.  Redefine (wrinkles, fine lines, firmness)

These are all legit pics from actual customers!  Whether you are looking for amazing skin or a side gig, Email me: